Emeril Green is coming back to Planet Green (Channel 201)for 20 new half-hour episodes and three hour-long specials. The shows will include visits around Napa and Sonoma Valleys, to a solar powered farm, a sustainable fishery...and Gleason Ranch! The season episodes kick of Monday, September 21 at 8:00. Gleason Ranch will be the last show of the season on NOVEMBER 30th!! Stay posted for a viewing party with ZaZu Restaurant.

Rob and Joss 9 to 5 The Chicken Ranch
Rob & Joss (of Froggy 92.9 F.M.) work 5 to 9 eating oatmeal and drinking coffee - they need to know what real work is! This week they go to Bodega to work on a family chicken ranch! The animals! The smells! The machinery! Go along with them as they get the definition of a hard days work!

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Saving Gleason Ranch A family works to save their Sonoma County farm, Gleason Ranch, by raising heritage poultry. Will it work?
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Dream Meets Reality at Gleason Ranch
Published July 15, 2009
"Grandma didnt want us to have anything to do with ranching, says Nancy Prebilich of Gleason Ranch, throwing open the door to an aging dairy barn thats stood on the family property in Bodega for more than 40 years. Without flinching she wades into a...

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Romantic and delicious
Published February 1, 2009The Duck Club is the upscale restaurant at the Bodega Bay Lodge and Spa, and is one of the most romantic -- and least-known -- dining spots in Sonoma County. Its new chef, Patrick Tafoya, shows us his stuff.

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Chef Patrick Tafoya,
The Duck Club Restaurant, Bodega Bay